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                                            Trailer for 'A Viable Candidate'.


Radical and charismatic politician Sylvan Bradshaw is on route to becoming Britain’s first black prime minister. However, when he and his wife Mia are called into a meeting with a mysterious representative of the intelligence services, long-buried secrets emerge that threaten to destroy their marriage and derail his political career. Tag line: Power has a price. Currently in development as a TV series with the BBC

                            Drama Montage

Includes excerpts from 'Night Work', 'Cadcam', 'Benny The Boy Atlas, 'The Photographer' and 'The Iliterate'.


                                                    The Illiterate (full film)

Set in the mid-1970s The Illiterate is the story of Fidel, a young boy growing up in a hippy commune who suffers from acute dyslexia. Alienated from school and his abusive teachers Fidel retreats into his own dark and violent fantasy world. Only when a woman living in the commune takes on the job of teaching him to read does Fidel's life begin to change and a whole new world of possibilities begin to open up.

                                                         'Cadcam' (Full film)

A partygoer becomes caught up in the plans of a corrupt policeman after he is unwittingly caught on a police surveillance camera.


Short Sci-Fi conspiracy thriller starring David Hayman for Channel Four 

                                                    'Benny The Boy Atlas' (Full film)
Benny believes the world literally rest on his shoulders and only he can save it from falling into the abyss. Aquired by Channel Four
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